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Convenience Stores for sale in Cape Girardeau (MO)

Commercial Properties in Cape Girardeau Missouri, Convenience Stores Business, Franchise

Convenience Stores Businesses / Franchises in Cape Girardeau (MO)

Convenience stores come in all variations but are typically small in size and found either on the side of rural highway, on a main street in a suburban Cape Girardeau community or in urban neighborhoods. It may be newspapers and magazines, cigarettes, lottery tickets and sundries, or more specialty shops like delis and bakeries.

Purchase an established Cape Girardeau business in convenience. Corner shops, mini-marts, quick marts, and neighborhood grocers are frequented by their local Cape Girardeau residents who often buy their news papers, tobacco, lottery tickets and a quick snack and cold drink. Gas stations with shops offer weary travelers a place locally in Cape Girardeau to not only fuel up, but replenish with a snack and drink. Other convenient businesses are delis, dry cleaners, bakers, gift shops and liquor stores.

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Corner Shops, Tobacco & Liquor Store, Ethnic Store, Deli Grocery, Family Mart,


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