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Prather - Prather business (Fresno)
Madera - Madera business (Madera)
Helm - Helm business (Fresno)
O Neals - O Neals businesses (Madera)
Hume - Hume businesses (Fresno)
La Honda - La Honda Opportunity for sale (San Mateo)
Spreckels - Spreckels Opportunity for sale (Monterey)
Mountain View - Mountain View Opportunity for sale (Santa Clara)
Soledad - Soledad Opportunity for sale (Monterey)
Millbrae - Millbrae Opportunity for sale (San Mateo)
Pebble Beach - Pebble Beach Opportunity for sale (Monterey)
Los Altos - Los Altos businesses (Santa Clara)
Lockwood - Lockwood business (Monterey)
Marina - Marina opportunity (Monterey)