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Automobile Business for sale in Apple Valley (CA)

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Auto / Car businesses / Property in Apple Valley (CA) for sale

Starting up a small business and leasing the property does have an advantage when the Apple Valley business is established; the grueling start up years have been done. By taking over ownership you have the opportunity to earn profits right away.

Auto related businesses in Apple Valley range from auto repair (engine & body), installation, auto parts store, passenger services (taxi, or car and driver), custom detailing, and other franchises / businesses. By purchasing an established business in Apple Valley you gain not only equipment, property (possibly), and knowledgeable staff, but also a recognized name with an established reputation (good or bad). It can take years to build your Apple Valley company from a startup, take a short cut and purchase.

Advertise an Auto Business for sale in Apple Valley inc:

Automobile Repair Franchises, Auto Parts, Rental Car, Engine Diagnostics


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